One of the main activities of the CMSA is to oversee the organisation of the annual Australasian Combinatorics Conference (ACC), and the ten-yearly International Combinatorics Conference (ICC).

Future Conferences

The 44th Australasian Combinatorics Conference (44ACC) at University of Otago, New Zealand, 12 - 16 December 2022. 44ACC will be an entirely online event. The format will, as nearly as possible, mimic a traditional "in-person" ACC with probable session times being 1100-1400 and 1700-2000 NZDT. Delivery will use Zoom and local groups may wish to organise attendance in a seminar room or similar with projection facilities to promote discussions and create a conference atmosphere.

The 45th Australasian Combinatorics Conference (45ACC) will be held at University of Western Australia, Australia, December 2023.

Past Conferences

43rd ACCUniversity of Melbourne (Online)13-17 December 2021
CMSA Day Online 15 December 2020
42nd ACCMCCUniversity of New South Wales9-13 December 2019
41st ACCMCCMillenium Hotel, Rotorua10-14 December 2018
5th ICCMonash University4-9 December 2017
40th ACCMCCUniversity of Newcastle12-16 December 2016
39th ACCMCCUniversity of Queensland7-11 December 2015
38th ACCMCCVictoria University of Wellington1-5 December 2014
37th ACCMCCUniversity of Western Australia9-13 December 2013
36th ACCMCCUniversity of New South Wales10-14 December 2012
35th ACCMCCMonash University5-9 December 2011
34th ACCMCCAustralian National University6-10 December 2010
33rd ACCMCCUniversity of Newcastle7-11 December 2009
4th ICCUniversity of Auckland15-19 December 2008
32nd ACCMCCUniversity of Otago3-7 December 2007
31st ACCMCCAlice Springs8-12 July 2006
Dry & DiscreteUluru12-16 July 2006
Kings Canyon 16-19 July 2006
30th ACCMCCUniversity of Queensland5-9 December 2005
29th ACCMCCTaupo (joint with NZIMA)13-18 December 2004
28th ACCMCCDeakin University15-18 December 2003
27th ACCMCCUniversity of Newcastle9-13 December 2002
26th ACCMCCCurtin University9-13 July 2001
25th ACCMCCUniversity of Canterbury4-8 December 2000
24th ACCMCCNorthern Territory University5-9 July 1999
23rd ACCMCCUniversity of Queensland6-10 July 1998
3rd ICCMCCUniversity of Melbourne30 June - 4 July 1997
22nd ACCMCCUniversity of Technology, Sydney1-5 July 1996
21th ACCMCCDeakin University10-14 July 1995
20th ACCMCCUniversity of Auckland5-9 December 1994
19th ACCMCCUniversity of Adelaide12-16 July 1993
18th ACCMCCUniv of Western Australia, Curtin Univ of Technology6-10 July 1992
17th ACCMCCAustralian National University8-12 July 1991
16th ACCMCCMassey University3-7 December 1990
15th ACCMCCUniversity of Queensland10-14 July 1989
2nd ICCMCAustralian National University24-28 August 1987
14th ACCMCNational University of Singapore 19-23 May 1986
University of Otago1-5 December 1986
13th ACCMCUniversity of Sydney26-30 August 1985
12th ACCMCUniversity of Western Australia13-17 August 1984
11th ACCMUniversity of Canterbury29 August - 2 September 1983
10th ACCMUniversity of Adelaide23-27 August 1982
9th ACCMUniversity of Queensland24-28 August 1981
8th ACCMDeakin University25-29 August 1980
7th ACCMUniversity of Newcastle20-24 August 1979
6th ACCMUniversity of New England29 August - 1 September 1978
1st ICCMCAustralian Academy of Science16-27 August 1977
5th ACCMRoyal Melbourne Institute of Technology24-26 August 1976
4th ACCMUniversity of Adelaide27-29 August 1975
3rd ACCMUniversity of Queensland16-18 May 1974
2nd ACCMUniversity of Melbourne25-26 August 1973
1st ACCMUniversity of Newcastle10-12 June 1972


Conferences in 1977 (ANU), 1987 (ANU), 1997 (University of Melbourne), 2008 (Auckland) and 2017 (Monash University) are part of our (approximately) ten-yearly International Conference series.

ACC = Australasian Combinatorics Conference
ACCM = Australian Conference on Combinatorial Mathematics
ACCMC = Australasian Conference on Combinatorial Mathematics and Computing
ACCMCC = Australasian Conference on Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing
ICCMC = International Conference on Combinatorial Mathematics and Computing
ICCMCC/ICC = International Conference on Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing