One of the main activities of the CMSA is to oversee the organisation of the annual Australasian Combinatorics Conference (ACC), and the ten-yearly International Combinatorics Conference (ICC).

Future Conferences

The 45th Australasian Combinatorics Conference (45ACC) will be held at University of Western Australia, Australia, 11-15 December 2023.

The 46th Australasian Combinatorics Conference (46ACC) will be held at University of Queensland, Australia, December 2024. Dates TBD.

The 47th Australasian Combinatorics Conference (47ACC) will be held at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, December 2025. Dates TBD.

Past Conferences

44th ACCUniversity of Otago (Online)12-15 December 2022
43rd ACCUniversity of Melbourne (Online)13-17 December 2021
CMSA Day Online 15 December 2020
42nd ACCMCCUniversity of New South Wales9-13 December 2019
41st ACCMCCMillenium Hotel, Rotorua10-14 December 2018
5th ICCMonash University4-9 December 2017
40th ACCMCCUniversity of Newcastle12-16 December 2016
39th ACCMCCUniversity of Queensland7-11 December 2015
38th ACCMCCVictoria University of Wellington1-5 December 2014
37th ACCMCCUniversity of Western Australia9-13 December 2013
36th ACCMCCUniversity of New South Wales10-14 December 2012
35th ACCMCCMonash University5-9 December 2011
34th ACCMCCAustralian National University6-10 December 2010
33rd ACCMCCUniversity of Newcastle7-11 December 2009
4th ICCUniversity of Auckland15-19 December 2008
32nd ACCMCCUniversity of Otago3-7 December 2007
31st ACCMCCAlice Springs8-12 July 2006
Dry & DiscreteUluru12-16 July 2006
Kings Canyon 16-19 July 2006
30th ACCMCCUniversity of Queensland5-9 December 2005
29th ACCMCCTaupo (joint with NZIMA)13-18 December 2004
28th ACCMCCDeakin University15-18 December 2003
27th ACCMCCUniversity of Newcastle9-13 December 2002
26th ACCMCCCurtin University9-13 July 2001
25th ACCMCCUniversity of Canterbury4-8 December 2000
24th ACCMCCNorthern Territory University5-9 July 1999
23rd ACCMCCUniversity of Queensland6-10 July 1998
3rd ICCMCCUniversity of Melbourne30 June - 4 July 1997
22nd ACCMCCUniversity of Technology, Sydney1-5 July 1996
21th ACCMCCDeakin University10-14 July 1995
20th ACCMCCUniversity of Auckland5-9 December 1994
19th ACCMCCUniversity of Adelaide12-16 July 1993
18th ACCMCCUniv of Western Australia, Curtin Univ of Technology6-10 July 1992
17th ACCMCCAustralian National University8-12 July 1991
16th ACCMCCMassey University3-7 December 1990
15th ACCMCCUniversity of Queensland10-14 July 1989
2nd ICCMCAustralian National University24-28 August 1987
14th ACCMCNational University of Singapore 19-23 May 1986
University of Otago1-5 December 1986
13th ACCMCUniversity of Sydney26-30 August 1985
12th ACCMCUniversity of Western Australia13-17 August 1984
11th ACCMUniversity of Canterbury29 August - 2 September 1983
10th ACCMUniversity of Adelaide23-27 August 1982
9th ACCMUniversity of Queensland24-28 August 1981
8th ACCMDeakin University25-29 August 1980
7th ACCMUniversity of Newcastle20-24 August 1979
6th ACCMUniversity of New England29 August - 1 September 1978
1st ICCMCAustralian Academy of Science16-27 August 1977
5th ACCMRoyal Melbourne Institute of Technology24-26 August 1976
4th ACCMUniversity of Adelaide27-29 August 1975
3rd ACCMUniversity of Queensland16-18 May 1974
2nd ACCMUniversity of Melbourne25-26 August 1973
1st ACCMUniversity of Newcastle10-12 June 1972


Conferences in 1977 (ANU), 1987 (ANU), 1997 (University of Melbourne), 2008 (Auckland) and 2017 (Monash University) are part of our (approximately) ten-yearly International Conference series.

ACC = Australasian Combinatorics Conference
ACCM = Australian Conference on Combinatorial Mathematics
ACCMC = Australasian Conference on Combinatorial Mathematics and Computing
ACCMCC = Australasian Conference on Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing
ICCMC = International Conference on Combinatorial Mathematics and Computing
ICCMCC/ICC = International Conference on Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing